Victims of child sexual abuse have a number of options for statutory compensation or access to redress schemes

Victims Support Services

If you are a victim of sexual assault in NSW then you can obtain services and compensation through Victim Support Services.
Victim Support Services provide for

  • Counselling services for a maximum of 22 hours
  • Financial support for immediate needs such as medical costs, housing up to $5,000.00
  • Continuing financial support for ongoing medical expenses, housing, loss of income up to $30,000.00
  • Lump sum recognition payment to acknowledge trauma suffered up to $10,000.00

An application to Victim’s Support Services is an administrative process and does not involve a court. You need to complete a form and provide proof of expenses. The assault does not need to be reported to access counselling services but a report need to be made to the police or other government agency in order to claim financial assistance and recognition payment.
There are no time limits if you are under 18 years at the time of the assault except for immediate financial support which must be made within 2 years of turning 18 years. If you are an adult a time limit of 2 years from the assault applies.

Criminal Compensation

If the perpetrator has been convicted of a crime then you can apply for criminal compensation to the court that convicted them at any time after the conviction.

Private Redress Schemes

Some institutions such as the Catholic Church have developed their own redress schemes for abuse committed by their staff or within their institution. Some of the redress schemes pay compensation and provide other services such as counselling.
It is important to carefully consider each option and obtain advice as to the compensation that best suits you. You should be aware before making any claim as to what other avenues of compensation are available and whether , if you pursue one form of compensation, you will be prohibited from claiming other compensation. Segelov Taylor will sit with you and take a detailed history and provide you with clear advice as to all avenues of compensation available and the best avenue for compensation in your circumstances.