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Segelov Taylor Lawyers are passionate advocates for our clients

Our Practice Areas

We are not generalist lawyers. We specialise in a small number of areas of work and are expert in those areas. We provide very high quality legal services in the areas we work in.


Mesothelioma & Dust Diseases

Learn more about Mesothelioma & Dust Diseases

Abuse, Harassment & Discrimination

Learn more about Abuse, Harassment & Discrimination

Employment & Industrial Law

Learn more about Employment and Industrial law

Wills & Estate Disputes

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Why Segelov Taylor?

Segelov Taylor Lawyers was established by Tanya Segelov and David Taylor in 2016 to focus on providing high quality legal services in specialist areas.

Segelov Taylor Lawyers
You Will Deal With A Principal Of The Firm
The owners of the firm, David and Tanya, will handle your matter. They are both very experienced lawyers, with 20 years experience in complex litigation. Unlike larger firms, our matters are not handled by call centres, paralegals and junior lawyers. Your matter will be dealt with by them from start to finish meaning you can be assured that every stage of the process will be handled with care and expertise.
We Are Specialist
We are not generalist lawyers. We specialise in a small number of areas of work and are expert in those areas. We provide very high quality legal services in the areas we work in.
We Don’t Take On All Matters
We only accept instruction in the right matters. As a specialist firm, saying no to matters where we do not believe we are the right lawyers for the client (and have the capacity to do the work) is as important as the matters we select to take on. We focus on the work in which we specialise. David and Tanya have the ability to decide what cases to take and when so that your matter remains a priority.
No Win, No Fee Policy
We act on a no win, no fee basis in the following matters: all mesothelioma, asbestos, silica and dust disease claims; all personal injury claims; when we act for a person challenging a will; in institutional and sexual abuse matters. If we act for you on a ‘No win, no fee’ basis we will only recover our costs in the event of a successful claim. Unlike most firms we will pay all disbursements incurred in the preparation and litigation of your matter. In other types of matters we act on a variety of basis, including payment at the conclusion of the claim, or on a partial no win, no fee basis. Information about out fee policies for different types of work is set out below. For more information about our fees, see our Fee Policy Page
Our Fees Are Lower
Because we don’t have large overheads, big offices or expensive marketing campaigns we are able to provide high quality legal services are a more reasonable price than other firms. For more information about our fees, see our Fee Policy Page

FREE Case Assessment

We offer a free initial case assessment.

We will obtain preliminary instructions from you and advise you whether we believe we are able to assist you in your matter. If we believe me may be able to assist you we will discuss with you the the process, the terms of which we can act (including the likely costs) and the value of the claim. The case assessment may be by phone, or in person. There is no cost associated with this case assessment, nor any obligation to instruct is in your matter.

You can contact Tanya Segelov, or David Taylor directly, or contact our office by phone, email or the web-chat to arrange your free case assessment.

Date and Time for Case assessment.

Our Team

David Taylor

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Tanya Segelov

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Client Testimonials


There would be little more to say than the professionalism/personal touch and the efficiency in detail within our case, was to say the least, extra ordinary and beyond those high expectations we set.

I say with confidence that the positive outcome Segelov Taylor achieved in my matter, would not have through any another firm, produced a better outcome.

The personal “hands-on” approach by Tanya Segolov and her team made you feel as though your case was the only matter at hand.

Thankyou Tanya, and all, for your truly professional and caring handling that subsequently produced the outcome we achieved.

I have no reservations in recommending the legal firm Segelov Taylor to give anyone requiring legal services and representation in the areas of their expertise.

There were certainly no negatives during my associations, to the contrary, I feel privileged to have been part of their client base, and to have witnessed a positive outcome.

We all approach a legal firm with our own agenda, this company will make your agenda theirs, to the end.

CONGRATULATIONS! On your efforts.

Best regards, BM


Early last year my father was diagnosed with mesothelioma following exposure to asbestos in the workplace over 50 years ago. After conducting thorough internet based research on the various legal firms who specialise in seeking compensation for this condition we made the choice to go with Segelov Taylor Lawyers, being the stand-out law firm. This was the best decision we could have made with a very successful and quick outcome, ideal given my father’s prognosis. He was able to achieve peace of mind in that he could receive any required care and also provide for my mother.
Tanya Segelov and Alex Crisp were able to bring excellent experience to this matter in a compassionate, efficient manner. The effortless way they were able to work with us, while being in another state made the whole process seamless. They were tenacious in securing a fast and just outcome for my father.
I cannot recommend Segelov Taylor Lawyers highly enough. They exceeded all of our expectations in a stress free, compassionate, and professional manner.



I approached David regarding an issue that I thought I would have difficulty winning as the company we were dealing with is large and well-funded.

After the first consultation, I felt reassured after the first meeting with the other companies’ solicitor I knew I had made the right decision in having David represent me and glad David was on my side, I even felt slightly sorry for the other solicitor for about one second as David berated him and pursued him regarding the matter at hand.

I got everything I wanted and felt vindicated, having David in my corner made the difference although mild mannered and seemingly placid, once the discussion began, a dogged, fierce and aggressive person took over, coming out punching.


I had a difficult issue with work.  David was able to provide advice that cut through the uncertainty and to provide strategic alternatives which in the end delivered a favourable outcome despite unlikely odds.  I recommend him for employment law matters both simple and complex.


David Taylor got me through what could have been a rough time with regards to my family estate proceedings.  I had no idea of where to start, and was guided by David.  He was so approachable, always at the end of the phone to answer questions, and, was a strategic professional to have on my side. My outcome was favourable and I cannot thank him enough.  During the process I needed support, and he comforted me with his knowledge. I hope to remain a friend of this brilliant lawyer. He fights for your rights.


Hello David,

Thank you again for helping me through this challenging time and for delivering the best possible outcome on my behalf. I am grateful for your support, professionalism and excellent advice throughout.

This has been a very difficult time for my family and it has helped immensely to have your guidance throughout this process. Without your assistance, we would certainly be in a more precarious situation.

Most of all, thank you for your caring approach.

Kind Regards,


Thank you again for your dedication and hard work on this case for us. Because of your experience and wisdom Mum is now able to afford the very best care in the last phase of her life and I’ll be forever grateful for that.


My father thanks you a lot and I also thank you for making this process smooth. With your encouragement and trust, you were able to get him much more. He still doesn’t believe it, but hopefully when he sees his balance in his bank account, it will sink in.

Thanks again.


Dear Tanya,

We would like to let you know how thankful our family is to have engaged such an experienced & knowledgeable lawyer to represent Leon in his mesothelioma case.

From our very first conversation & throughout the entire process you always treated Leon with the utmost respect & kindness. You kept us informed every step of the way & it was very obvious by the way you handled the final negotiations, that you have had many years of experience.

This is an extremely traumatic & devastating time in our family & as much as is possible, the outcome you achieved has helped ease the financial burden.

We have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending your company to anyone who finds themselves faced with this Asbestos induced tragedy.


We contacted Segelov Taylor Lawyers after they were recommended to us as experts in the area of asbestos.

On our first meeting all of my family were very impressed with the professionalism and expertise Tanya showed us. It was obvious from her questions and wisdom in this a particular area that she knew what she was talking about and reassured us that we did in fact have a case.

Throughout the months of research there was constant information and updates and regular emails and phone calls from Segelov Taylor Lawyers which reassured us throughout the whole process that we had employed the right lawyers.

Because of Tanya’s determination, dedication and advise we received a settlement that helped my mother pay for the very best care she needed as her health declined from her asbestos related cancer. My family and I will be forever grateful to Tanya and her team as it meant we could focus on spending time with my mother and organising the best one on one care for her until she passed.


Dear Tanya
I just want to thank you very much for representing Serge in his Dust Diseases Claim. Although this journey isn’t a very happy one, we very much appreciate your guidance during the course of the claim.
We were very impressed with the way you handled the case from the very beginning when everything was very raw and we were still in shock and disbelief that he had been diagnosed with Mesothelioma. As he was still recovering from an operation, your home visits made our appointments with you so much easier.
Serge is very happy with the outcome and settlement of the claim and also wanted to pass on his thanks.
We would definitely recommend Segelov Taylor Lawyers to anyone who needed your expertise in the areas that you practice.
Once again, many thanks


I wish to express my appreciation for the assistance and support that was provided by your firm in settling my recent claim.

I was very impressed at our first meeting with the time taken to explain the process. This allowed me to submit my version of events, freely and without any form of prompting.

I would like to mention a special thank you to Kristy-Lee for the ongoing support that she provided in keeping me updated on how the case was proceeding and for the provision of relevant correspondence.

I am very pleased with the outcome and have no hesitation in referring others to your firm, for support in your areas of expertise.

I also intend visiting the online site to express my gratitude.

Thank you once again and I hope your firm has ongoing success in the support provided to clients.


At a devastating time in my life I met Tanya Segelov. My husband had just been diagnosed with peritoneal mesothelioma.

My husband and I both understood the need of a solicitor who understood the nature of the disease and legislation of the NSW government and the departments involved in this process.

Luckily I noticed an article in the daily telegraph reporting the story of a woman’s fight for justice and triumph for her husband who had suffered from a work related asbestos disease. Tanya Segelov was her solicitor.

I rang Segelov Taylor and advised how ill my husband was. Tanya visited him next day at home and clearly explained all rights we were entitled too. Plus the procedures involved with government and the Dust Disease Board. Unfortunately nearly all of Tanya’s business relations were involved in a hospital situation with my husband. Sympathy, compassion and professional integrity were displayed by Tanya and her staff at all times.

My husband passed away only six weeks after diagnosis. Through this terrible time Tanya never shirked her duty of care to me and obtained excellent outcomes for my family and I.

I can wholeheartedly recommend Tanya Segelov and her team to anyone with a dust related illness as I truly do not know how I would have coped without her knowledge, compassion and assistance.


Segelov Taylor client Tony Biddle speaks about making a claim.

Tony Biddle speaks

07 March, 2020

I am a client of the Law Firm, SEGELOV TAYLOR and I am impressed by the professionalism shown by that firm, as they recently represented me in an action relating to a claim for workers’ compensation.

I am extremely satisfied with their attention to detail, regular feedback and prompt response to questions that I put to them.

Tanya (who acted for me in this case), was extremely helpful in all aspects of the proceedings, and patient with me if I was unsure of a certain point.

SEGELOV TAYLOR achieved an extremely satisfactory outcome for me.

I would be pleased to recommend SEGELOV TAYLOR to any prospective client.



Tanya and her colleagues have done so much to get me through this awful sad time, but happy with the outcome.  I would highly recommend Segelov Taylor Lawyers to anyone in need of a sound lawyer


When my husband was diagnosed with mesothelioma in March last year, we were shocked.

He then told me that the places he worked as a young plumbing apprentice over 40 years ago were surrounded by an asbestos environment. There were many companies he worked for at that time that had absolutely no protection for inhaling & being covered in asbestos.

After a few months of discussion, we decided that this may be worth investigating for compensation. We currently live in New Zealand and had no idea who to contact in Sydney. I googled and found Segelov Taylor Lawyers.

We were so delighted that Tanya Segelov took up our case and advised us that our case was strong. Tanya was able to find the insurance company from one on the firms that my husband had worked for 40 years ago.

Due to extensive work and investigation by Tanya, in March, my husband received amazing compensation. Although the prognosis is not great, his compensation makes up for all the worry and expense that is related to his condition and we are absolutely thrilled with the outcome with grateful thanks to Tanya.


Myself and my husband would like to thank Tanya and Gabriele for their personal service in dealing with my husband’s case during 2021.

From the moment of our contact with your office the liaison has been excellent. Tanya travelled to our home which is a 3 hour trip and sat down one on one to discuss our case.

My husband’s diagnosis of Mesothelioma was a shock and thankfully for us all the strain was removed from by Tanya and Gabriele in dealing with the case which thankfully was successful.

This enabled us to carry on with my husband’s treatment to hopefully give him some quality of life for whatever time he has left.

Once again thank you both for your support and we would recommend you to anyone in need of good, efficient and understanding lawyer.



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