Professional Registration

Many workers are required to obtain and maintain licences or registration in order to work.  A failure to hold or maintain a licence (or to have it placed subject to conditions) can mean loss of a right to work, at the extreme, and loss of particular employment, and loss of clients, patients and customers.

Such matters arise is the following contexts:

  • Allegations of professional misconduct or breaches of professional standards made by clients, patients, etc;
  • Allegations of breaches of obligations made by professional registration organisations;
  • Impact of criminal charges (which may be unrelated) on professional registration;
  • Recognition of overseas qualifications;
  • Clearances to work, such as working with children checks.

These matters are often difficult and stressful, and can impact on the professionals mental health and capacity.  Ensuring that responses to allegations are made carefully is crucial.

Decisions made by professional registration organisations, and others are, at a minimum, subject to requirements of procedural fairness and generally reviewable as administrative decisions.  Segelov Taylor can provide expert, cost effective and pragmatic advice and assistance.

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