Termination of employment

One of the most common time a lawyer becomes involved in the employment relationship is when it goes wrong. This can happen when a person remains employed or around the termination of their employment. There are a number of legal options available to workers in such situations. We can provide advice and assist through these processes.

The key claims are:

The relative merits and limitations of each type of claim need to be considered to work out which is most appropriate.   By way of example, an unfair dismissal claim can usually only be brought by a person earning less than the “high income threshold” (currently about $150,000) and must be commenced within 21 days.  A claim alleging termination in breach of contract on the other hand, has no such limitation, but may cost a great deal and be limited in terms of the remedies.

We are able to provide assistance in all claims concerning termination.

Unfair dismissal
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Adverse Action
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Termination in breach of contract
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Fee policy

The terms on which we act in employment and industrial matters varies depending on the circumstances of each matter.

We do not generally act on a no win, no fee basis in employment law matters.

We act in such matters on variety of terms including (most commonly) on the basis of an hourly rate basis or a fixed fee.

We are committed, where possible, to ensuring that legal costs do not prevent people from enforcing their rights.  As part of the process of providing initial advice as to options we will have a conversation with you about our terms.  Find out more…