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Abuse, Harassment & Discrimination

Segelov Taylor Lawyers provides cost effective, high quality representation in respect of historical sexual and institutional abuse, ongoing elder abuse, and sexual harassment matters

Segelov Taylor Lawyers

Free Case Assessment

We offer a free initial case assessment.

We will obtain preliminary instructions from you and advise you whether we believe we are able to assist you in your matter. If we believe we may be able to assist you we will discuss with you the the process and the terms of which we can act (including the likely costs). The case assessment may be by phone, or in person. There is no cost associated with this case assessment, nor any obligation to instruct us in your matter.

You can contact Tanya Segelov, or David Taylor directly, or contact our office by phone, email or the web-chat to arrange your free case assessment.

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Segelov Taylor Lawyers

Segelov Taylor Lawyers was established in 2016 by two experienced litigators, Tanya Segelov and David Taylor.

A key focus of the firm is supporting people through the difficult processes associated with deceased estates. We are focused on providing fearless advice and representation that is minimises the cost (both in terms of money, time and energy) of disputes over deceased estates, while at the same time ensuring that our outcomes obtained by our clients reflect their legal entitlements.

We offer a free case assessment to all involved in wills and estates disputes.

Segelov Taylor Lawyers

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Client Testimonials


I approached David regarding an issue that I thought I would have difficulty winning as the company we were dealing with is large and well-funded.

After the first consultation, I felt reassured after the first meeting with the other companies’ solicitor I knew I had made the right decision in having David represent me and glad David was on my side, I even felt slightly sorry for the other solicitor for about one second as David berated him and pursued him regarding the matter at hand.

I got everything I wanted and felt vindicated, having David in my corner made the difference although mild mannered and seemingly placid, once the discussion began, a dogged, fierce and aggressive person took over, coming out punching.


I had a difficult issue with work.  David was able to provide advice that cut through the uncertainty and to provide strategic alternatives which in the end delivered a favourable outcome despite unlikely odds.  I recommend him for employment law matters both simple and complex.



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