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Workers’ Compensation & Related Insurance

Segelov Taylor Lawyers provides cost effective, high quality representation coworkers in Workers’ Compensation & Related Insurance.

Workers’ Compensation & Related Insurance

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We offer a free, confidential case assessment. The purpose of the case assessment is to provide you with a high level overview of the merits, prospects, and value of any claim.

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Our fees in workplace injury matters

As soon as possible after taking instructions we will provide a costs disclosure which sets out the terms on which we will act. Our costs’ commitment to all our clients is to act in a prudent, and cost effective manner. Our fees are consistently less than larger firms with significant overheads. In most workplace injury matters we act on a fully “no win-no fee” (where both professional costs and disbursements associated with a claim are payable only on successful completion of the matter), or a partial “no win, no fee” (where the client pays disbursements as they occur, but professional costs are payable only on successful completion of the matter). In some workplace injury matters funding is available as part of the claims process.

Common Questions

Other than where funding is available from WIRO, we act on a ‘no win no fee’ basis for persons who have suffered a workplace injury. This means that we will investigate your claim and, if no claim is brought on your behalf, then you will not be charged for any of the costs incurred in investigating your claim. WIRO (the Workers Compensation Independent Review Office) provides funding to investigate and act in respect of claims for weekly payments, for recovery of medical and other expenses and for lump sum compensation for whole person impairment.  As WIRO approved lawyers, when we act in such matters, costs and expenses are payable by WIRO and not the client. Accordingly you will not be out of pocket at any stage. If your matter involves a work injury damages claim, an application under Comcare legislation, or a claim under an insurancepolicy (such as for TPD), if we agree to act we will enter into a No Win, No Fee Costs Agreement with you.  We will undertake to pay all the disbursements incurred in litigating your claim (court fees, fees for expert report) and not charge you for the legal costs as your matter progresses. If you are not successful in your claim, you will not pay our costs or disbursements. If you are successful in your claim, then you will recover most of your costs from the defendant. Find out more…
Compensation for work related injury can be complex. The compensation options will be determined by reference to the nature of any injury, the severity of the injury, the circumstances of the injury, whether your employer is covered by NSW workers compensation laws or Comcare, and whether you have (usually as part of your superannuation) any applicable insurance coverage.
Yes. Any information you provide your lawyer is covered by legal professional privilege.

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