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Introducing Segelov Taylor Lawyers

On 12 August 2016 Segelov Lawyers became Segelov Taylor Lawyers when David Taylor joined the firm.
David was admitted as a solicitor in 2001. He previously worked for Turner Freeman Lawyers where he was a partner between 2007 and 2016.
David initially worked in the area of dust diseases litigation running a number of test cases including Stewart v QBE (2010) 240 CLR 444 and British American Tobacco Services Limited v Laurie (2011) 242 CLR 282.
David then specialised in employment and industrial law becoming an accredited specialist in employment and industrial law in 2012. David has acted for individuals, employers and unions. He ran the first successful claim under the Independent Contractors Act, Keldode & Ors v Riteway Transport (2010) FMCA 394. David acted for the Australian International Pilots Associations in the lead up to, during and after their dispute with Qantas in 2011 which led to the grounding of the airline in October 2011
As well as employment and industrial law David has experience in acting in administrative matters and in Family Provisions Act claims.
With David, Segelov Taylor Lawyers offers a broad range of services to clients. We will shortly be relaunching the website.
David can be contacted on his email

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