How do I contest an unfair will?

Under NSW law, the Court  require a different distribution than that provided for under a will if an “eligible person” is excluded or not adequately provided for.  This process is known as ‘contesting a will’.

Eligible people who can contest a will are spouses (including defacto and same sex), children and others who were dependant on the deceased.

Claims should normally be commenced within 12 months of the person dying.

Segelov Taylor Lawyers are expert at advising on rights, and guiding you this process.

Free initial case assessment

We offer a free initial case assessment for all unfair will matters.

We will obtain preliminary information from you and advise you on whether you have a claim,  the likely value of any claim, and our costs in the event you were to instruct us.  There is no obligation to proceed.

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Information about contesting an unfair will