Mesothelioma & Other Dust Diseases

Asbestos, silica, and other dusts can cause disease. Employers, manufacturers of products, and others have knew this for many years. They repeatedly failed to take reasonable steps to protect their employees, customers, and many others to whom they owed a duty of care.  Australian courts have held them liable for the damage that this failure and their negligence caused.

Segelov Taylor Lawyers was established by Tanya Segelov and David Taylor in 2016 to provide a specialist legal service to sufferers of asbestos and other dust diseases. Tanya and David have acted for hundreds of persons with dust diseases.

If you have contracted a dust disease such as mesothelioma, asbestosis, silicosis, or dust related lung cancer you may have rights to bring a claim at common law.  You may also have rights to claim compensation under various statutory schemes.


Mesothelioma is a cancer caused only by exposure to asbestos. Most people who contract mesothelioma are entitled to compensation…

Pleural plaques

Pleural plaques are the most common effect of asbestos exposure and while not disabling, mean that a person was exposed to asbestos

FREE Case Assessment

We offer a free initial case assessment.

We will obtain preliminary instructions from you and advise you whether we believe we are able to assist you in your matter.  If we believe we may be able to assist you we will discuss with you the the process, the terms on which we can act (including the likely costs) and the value of the claim.  The case assessment may be by phone, or in person. There is no cost associated with this case assessment, nor any obligation to instruct us in your matter.

You can contact Tanya Segelov, or David Taylor directly, or contact our office by phone, email or the web-chat to arrange your free case assessment.

Tanya Segelov

Segelov Taylor Lawyers principal, Tanya Segelov has acted for sufferers of asbestos disease for over 25 years.

Tanya has acted for hundreds of sufferers of mesothelioma, lung cancer, asbestosis, pleural disease, silicosis and occupational asthma. She has run numerous significant test cases including the first verdict in Australia for a person exposed to asbestos as a result of home renovations, and acted for the late asbestos campaigner Bernie Banton in his claims for compensation.

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No Win, No Fee Policy

Segelov Taylor acts on a no win no fee basis in all mesothelioma and other dust disease claims. Unlike most other firms we will fund all fees for medical reports and court fees incurred in acting for you.

Because we are a specialist, boutique firm with less overheads than some of the larger, generalist firms, we provide very high quality legal services at a lower price.

Prior to commencing the claim we will provide a costs disclosure which clearly sets out the fee arrangements.

For more detailed general information about our fees in mesothelioma and other dust disease matters, please see our fee policy page, or call us.

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