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Our Fees in Mesothelioma & Other Dust Disease Matters

Our Fees in Mesothelioma & Other Dust Disease Matters

We act on a “no win-no fee basis” in all mesothelioma, asbestos disease and silica disease claims.

Unlike many firms, we fund all disbursements, such as medical reports, court fees, etc, incurred in the preparation and conduct of your matter.  Given our size (and lack of overheads) and expertise, we are able to provide very high quality legal services while our fees are generally lower that large, generalist firms.

Unless you receive compensation you will not be charged for our legal work or any disbursements incurred on your behalf. We will recover our costs at the completion of your claim.

If you are successful in your claim, the defendant will normally pay your costs on a party/party basis which generally covers between 70-80% of your costs.

If you are not successful in your claim. you will not be charged for our costs and disbursements.

We will provide you a detailed costs disclosure as early as practicable.  Prior to seeking your instructions to commence proceedings in your matter  we will provide clear advice as to the merits of your claim.

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