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Our Victories

Tanya Segelov has been at the forefront of mesothelioma and asbestos disease litigation in Australia since the 1990’s.

Prior to establishing Segelov Taylor Lawyers in 2016, she was a partner at another firm where she ran hundreds of claims. Her significant achievements included:

  • the late asbestos campaigner, Bernie Banton in both his claims for compensation against his former employer James Hardie,
  • the first person to obtain a verdict from James Hardie for a woman who contracted mesothelioma from home renovations,
  • the first verdict under the Dust Diseases Act (2005) SA,
  • the first verdict in Australia for a flight attendant exposed to fumes,
  • the first verdict to hold a holding company responsible for the negligent acts of its subsidiary company

Tanya also acted for a coalition of unions and asbestos support groups in the James Hardie Inquiry.

Our Victories

Since establishing Segelov Taylor in 2016 Tanya has continued to be at the forefront of  the law for asbestos disease victims.  Some of the decisions from more recent  ground-breaking asbestos disease cases she has acted in are described below.

Maria Reid

In a recent mesothelioma claim, Segelov Taylor client, Ms Reid, was awarded $580,000.00 for damages for pain, suffering...

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