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Segelov Taylor Lawyers launches Asbestos Exposure Register

Segelov Taylor Lawyers has launched the Asbestos Exposure Register.

Tanya Segelov, principal lawyer of Segelov Taylor Lawyers, has acted for persons exposed to asbestos who have developed asbestos disease for over 20 years.  During that time, she has acted for persons who have been exposed to asbestos in a wide range of industries (everything from factory workers, ship workers, naval personnel, power station employees, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, brewers to waterside workers) as well as persons exposed to asbestos outside of work through home renovations or as a result of washing clothes or coming in contact with another.

The key to success in a claim is to obtain as detailed history as possible as to the relevant exposure to asbestos. We have therefore launched an Asbestos Registrar to allow any person who has been exposed to asbestos to register and provide details of their exposure to asbestos, should such details be required later.

There is no cost to completing the Asbestos Register which is obligation free.  All details provided will remain confidential.

If you have any questions about the attached form or your exposure to asbestos, then please do not hesitate to contact Tanya Segelov for obligation free advice on 02 8880 0500 or by email

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