Superannuation & Insurance disputes

There are various types of insurance policies that provide benefits to you when you suffer illness or injury. Most workers hold policies of this kind as part of their superannuation.
Such policies do not normally require the injury or illness to be work related.
The entitlement to a benefit and the type of payment received changes for different kinds of policy.  Income protection insurance covers loss of income caused by illness or injury and is generally paid on a weekly or monthly basis.  TPD and trauma insurance , on the other hand, are normal paid as a lump sum as a result of a illness or injury of a specific kind and severity.
We are able to provide expert help on making the right claim, and recovering the insurance payable.

Total & Permanent Disability
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Common Questions

Our fee policy in Superannuation and Insurance matters

Segelov Taylor acts on a “no win no fee” basis in approved insurance claims such as TPD, income protection or TTD, trauma and death benefits. This means we will not be paid unless you are successful in obtaining monies under your policy. The terms on which we act in superannuation matters varies depending on the circumstances of each matter.  We act in such matters on normal fee basis, fixed fee, and on occasions, no win, no fee. (as well as a combination of the above).  As part of the process of providing initial advice as to options we will have a conversation with you about our terms.  Find out more…

What types of insurance claims exist?

Total and permanent disability (TPD) claims

TPD insurance benefits pay a lump sum in the event you suffer an injury or illness and you are unlikely to work in your normal job or an occupation for which you are reasonably qualified by education, training and experience. Read more…

Income protection insurance and total and temporary disability (TTD) claims

Income protection and TTD insurance pay an ongoing benefit (often paid monthly) to replace income in the event you are not able to do your normal job for a period because of an injury or illness. Read more…

Trauma Insurance claims

Trauma insurance pays you a lump sum benefit in the event you suffer or are diagnosed with a particular health condition (such as a cancer or heart attack). Read more…

Life insurance, terminal illness and death benefit claims

Life insurance or terminal illness/death benefit pay your dependant(s) a lump sum if you die before a certain age.  Many policies also permit some of the benefit to be paid following a diagnosis with a terminal illness. Read more…

How do I find out what insurance cover I have?

Most people hold TPD, TTD, income protection, trauma and life insurance policies as part of their superannuation.  Large superannuation funds offer members access to insurance on far better terms than individuals could access.  However, this means that most policy holders have limited knowledge about the terms of their cover.  Information can often be obtained from the fund website.  Your employer may also provide insurance for all employees or insurance cover may be a condition of an enterprise bargaining agreement or your contract of employment. Part of our role in assisting people with insurance claims is to identify what policies they have, and the terms of their policies.

What is the process for making a claim?

The process for making a claim normally involves a number of steps.

The first step is to complete and lodge a claim form. If your claim is denied there is generally an internal disputes process that needs to be followed. If this is unsuccessful, the matter may proceed to Court.

Taking care to ensure that the correct information is provided  at each step increases the possibility of the claim being accepted.

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