Insurance Matters

Segelov Taylor Lawyers acts on a ‘no win no fee’ basis in approved insurance claims such as TPD, income protection or TTD, trauma and death benefit claims. This means we will not be paid unless you are successful in obtaining monies under your policy.

You will not be charged any money up front. We will pay all of the disbursements incurred in litigating your claim and we will recover the disbursements and our costs billed on a time basis at the successful completion of your claim.

If your claim proceeds to Court we will continue to cover all of the costs and disbursements. If you are successful in your claim then you will recover from the insurer your party/party costs which cover 70 to 80% of your costs.

Superannuation matters

Segelov Taylor does not generally act on a no win, no fee basis on superannuation matters.  However we will discuss with you our likely costs and the terms on which we are able to act at the time we provide an initial obligation free assessment of your matter.

Terms on which we may act include:

  • Fixed fee;
  • Partial no win, no fee;
  • Pay as you go on an hourly rate basis;
  • Pay at the end on an hourly rate basis.