All superannuation policies contain an insurance policy that provides payment of a death benefits in addition to payment of the balance of your superannuation account.

Superannuation funds allow a person to nominate a beneficiary to receive payment of your superannuation contributions and death benefit. If the nomination is a binding nomination then it must be followed by the superannuation fund. A binding nomination can however be challenged in certain circumstances, such as where the recipient is no longer a dependant. A binding nomination must be renewed every 2 to 3 years and must be valid at the date of death.

If there is no binding nomination them the trustee of the superannuation fund will decide how the payment is distributed and will seek details of your dependants including surviving spouse and children.

 How Do I Make a Claim?

You will need to complete an Application Form and provide proof of death as well as provide details of all dependants.

There are strict time limits that apply to disputing decisions made about the distribution of death benefits, so you should seek urgent advice, especially if you have received notification of a claim or decision from a superannuation fund.

Our Services

Segelov Taylor Lawyers can assist you in completing an application form and obtaining evidence to support your claim. If your claim is rejected then Segelov Taylor Lawyers can assist you to challenge the decision by way of an internal or external review and provide advice and act for you in the event court action is required.